Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a no cost visual inspection. If the issue requires a more in depth diagnosis, you will be asked to authorize 1 hour worth of diagnosis time, which amounts to $135.00. We will inspect your vehicle and present the findings to you. If you decline the repairs then you will be billed $135.00 for the diagnosis. Some inspections will require further diagnosis time to be authorized and a service adviser will contact you to authorize more time in the event that more time is needed.

Yes. M&R Car Imports does accept all major extended warranties as long as they offer the customer coverage for independent shops. Prior to bringing in your vehicle please gather together your extended warranty information so that the service advisor can contact the extended warranty company to make sure that your coverage is valid in our shop.

Yes we do. M&R allows for our clients to pay their bills using all major credit cards or cash. We do not accept personal checks. If your repairs are being paid for by an insurance claim, we will accept a check from an insurance company.

The amount of time that it will take for a report to be delivered to a customer will vary depending on the concerns that are being diagnosed. We strive to provide our clients with accurate reports and will do our best to get a report to our clients within a day. Our service advisor will make sure to call the customer as soon as they are given a report from our technician.

We do perform on-site service calls, but whether we can perform te service call is dependent upon the distance the car is from our shop and the problem that is present. If you want to request a service call please contact one of our service advisors and they will gladly assist you.

Yes. If an emergency occurs and you are unable to drop off your vehicle during normal hours feel free to drop the car off after hours. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Park your vehicle on Sheffield Avenue.
  2. Place your key in an envelope.
  3. On the envelope write your first and last name, phone number where we can reach you, vehicle make and model, color of your vehicle, license plate number, and the address where the vehicle is parked.
  4. Seal the envelope and place it in the mail slot on the front door of 1951 N. Sheffield
  5. Write down your reason for visiting us, i.e. check engine light is on, etc. We will receive your key once the shop opens and will create a repair order for your vehicle. You may receive a call from our service advisor just to confirm that your key was received.